COUGAR FORZA 50 Premium single CPU Tower Air Cooler

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Premium single CPU Tower Air Cooler
As a CPU tower cooler for entry-level CPU, Forza 50 with its uniquely designed front cover, paired with COUGAR MHP120 high performance fan, provides users with perfect heat dissipation. Forza 50 is absolutely suitable for default setting users.

Elegant Pipe Caps Decoration
Forza 50 air cooler is designed with an elegant cap décor. Not only does it increase the esthetic of whole cooling tower, but it also prevents oxidation at the heat pipe from contacting with the air. Through the cap design, Forza 50 delivers both appearance and performance, truly amazing!

Extremely Hyper Fan With 2000 RPM(max)
Forza 50 is equipped with a COUGAR MHP 120 high performance fan. With the durable metallic-reinforced motor hub & metal bearing shell design, as well as fan speed capable of reaching up to 2000 rpm, COUGAR MHP 120 provides high airflow & high static pressure to achieve an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. Making it the perfect partner with the Forza 50 that delivers outstanding performance.

HDT Technology With 4 Heat Pipes
With HDT technology (HEAT PIPE DIRECT TOUCH) and four heat pipes with 6mm diameter, Forza 50 can provide excellent heat dissipation capacity, enough for entry-level users.

Only 155mm Height
Forza 50 can be installed in most tower chassis that support ATX motherboards with a height of only 155mm making Forza 50 an excellent choice for those who loves PC DIY.

Dual Fan Acceptable
Forza 50 comes with an additional set of fan clips that allows for a second 120 mm fan of any brand to increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the Forza 50.
* To maximize the performance, we recommend a second COUGAR MHP 120 fan (sold separately)

User-friendly Istallation
To improve the overall installation experience, Forza 50 comes with an INTEL/AMD bracket set, that can be easily installed in only a few simple steps. A screwdriver is also included in the package for users to use directly without any prerequisite.

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